Ergonomic Chairs

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There are so many seats defined as ’ergonomic’ on the market, but few, on the contrary, have all the fundamental technical characteristics to ensure the right posture that benefits the body in the long term.

By purchasing one of these chairs, not only would you be in possession of a product with no supporting scientific evidence, but you would also run the risk of harming your body.

Varier chairs are defined in the scientific field (not only commercial or regulatory) as ergonomic seats, as demonstrated by various studies and measurements in the international arena. They are also classified as active seats as they adapt to the subject and allow mobility even when seated.

The Research and Scientific Evidence Division (DRES) of Varier Italia, making use of the direction and collaboration of professionals of established value, has as its mission the collection and dissemination of existing scientific publications and to promote and carry out further studies on the effects of the sessions areas such as employment, daily life and in subjects with partial disabilities or painful affections.

With the collaboration of DRES, a real guide to the ergonomics of the seat has been created, with essential information to gain awareness of the importance of where and how you sit, in work, study and leisure.

Varier is able to guarantee and certify all the benefits that are promised to you.
Because Varier can really prove what he says.


By Doctor Piergiorgio Benaglia - Physiotherapist

- Can chairs with tibial support (Variable, Thatsit, Multi, Wing) cause and / or worsen knee problems?
The tibial supports are used in chairs with an inclined plane and allow to unload from 20 to 30% of the load on the ischium, improving comfort. Note that the support takes place at the level of the tibia, below the knee joint, which is therefore not affected by the compressive action of the weight. Only in case of use by subjects with very bulky lower limbs can compression of the back of the leg occur due to the limited space available for knee flexion. Finally, we remember the importance of varying the position often, alternating periods of support on both shins, with periods with single support or with the feet on the ground.

- Can chairs with oscillating base (Variable, Thatsit, Multi, Wing) or with tilting system (Actulum and Pendulun) be harmful in case of spinal problems?
The antero-posterior oscillation movement prevents the weight from constantly hitting the same points of the spine, especially the anterior edges of the intervertebral discs. The tendency to change position by moving back and forth repeatedly is indeed a spontaneous occurrence when sitting for a long time. With active sessions, that is with rocking chairs or tilting chairs, the pressure on the spine is varied but without assuming incorrect and harmful positions.

- Are active seats with an oscillating base (Actulum, Pendulum, Move, Gravity) suitable for the elderly?
The oscillating base offers many advantages and benefits to elderly subjects: first of all, it favors the action of getting up from the chair in subjects who for various reasons are forced to use supports, help or perform the gesture with various ailments. In fact, in this case the person is able to complete the movement without help or supports, thus reducing the risk of falling, and with a net reduction of the overload on the hips, knees and ankles. With this type of sessions, however, an active action is allowed, that is, not performed by electrical equipment which by lifting the subject passively end up over time to aggravate his motor deficit.

- Are the chairs with tibial support (Variable, Thatsit, Multi, Wing) recommended for elderly patients?
The decision depends on the functional state of the subject: in cases of severe osteoarthritis with pain in the lower limbs, problems with balance and a reduction in general coordination capacity, the adoption of such sessions is not recommended, it is better to opt for swing-based chairs without tibial support (Actulum , Pendulum, Move, Gravity).